Sunday, June 9, 2013

West Side Story

Well for you dedicated "Building Our Little House" blog readers, I apologize for the long delay in posts.  Life gets busy and let me tell you, you would have gotten bored with our slow progress anyway -- there is soooo much siding and it's hard to think of interesting ways to blog about it. 

Anyway, our whole North side is completely sided, as you can tell... Looks nice, huh?
Today begins our West Side Story -- the siding of the last side -- the west side!  Then we can completely move to getting the inside drywalled and insulated before next winter.  We were so proud of ourselves to make it alive through the winter here with our drafty, half-sided, non-insulated house!  It will be a badge of honor we will wear with pride and I'm sure almost might get us adopted in as natives!

Well, that pretty much gets you up-to-date with our building.  We have done some work with drywall on the inside but not enough to post about.  I'll pick up on that later.

I'm sure most of you readers have heard about the new adventure I'm heading into (if not, give me a call).  I just want to tell you about the fantastic hospital that is taking care of me -- everyone has been so caring and friendly.  Anyway, yesterday I was getting my hair cut and the lady getting hers done next to me overheard me and she told me she worked there (she also thought she was in the outpatient surgery on my biopsy).  Anyway, she shared this music video that the hospital had made on breast cancer awareness and it is totally cute.  My doctor is in it and he really has the moves!  I haven't seen that side of him yet -- when he got my diagnosis back he was so happy he told me he did jumping jacks in the office -- I thought that was as excited as he got.  Well, I'm wrong.  Check out his moves in the great music video (he's the one with the lights on his hat and in his hand).  

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